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Meet Our Team

Laura Wade, DVM Dipl ABVP (Avian)

Dr. Laura Wade is a board-certified bird specialist by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) and completed a residency in avian and exotic pets. She provides comprehensive primary healthcare and progressive referral medical, surgical and behavioral services for your companion bird, small mammal or reptile. Dr. Wade lives in a suburb of Buffalo, New York with her two Meyer's parrots, "Kelly" and "Pepper" (in photo) and Cape parrot "Zuri".

Dr Wade's Resume


Evan Reed, DVM  

A Buffalo native, Dr. Reed graduated from Cornell University in 2011 and joined our staff July 1st.  During his veterinary training, Dr. Reed gained extensive experience working with exotic pets and wildlife.  Dr. Reed has a special interest in fish and amphibian medicine and hopes to expand this service at SCAEP.  Presently, Dr. Reed is available Mondays and Tuesdays for appointments.  Outside of veterinary practice, Dr. Reed enjoys hiking, fishing and gardening, among other pursuits.  Photo shows Dr Reed and his Tiger salamander, "Groovy"

Rays_pic__1__1.jpgRay Young, LVT 

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Ray also joined our staff July 1st.  Ray graduated from Medaille College with an AS in Veterinary Technology and BS in Biology in 2004 and graduated from SUNY Upstate Medical University with a MS in Anatomy in 2007.  Ray's exotic animal experience began while working as a veterinary technician at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse for 2 1/2 years.  His passions include exotic/wildlife animal nursing and care, reading horror/science fiction, writing, fishing, and hiking.  Ray's goal is to become credentialed as a specialized technician in avian and exotic medicine. Photo shows Ray and his Hyacinth macaw friend, "Lido"


Nancy M., LVT

Nancy received her Associate in Applied Science from Medaille in nancy.JPG

Veterinary Technology in 1996. While working toward her degree, and after obtaining her license as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Nancy worked at Animal Hospitable Veterinary Clinic from 1998 to 2003.

Prior to becoming an LVT, Nancy was a Medical Laboratory Technician (human medicine); graduated from Alfred State College. This experience led to combine her passions for medicine and animals, resulting in her transition to veterinary medicine. Nancy’s special interests include dentistry and guinea pig husbandry and care.

In 2003 she began working as a LVT at All Creatures Animal Hospital as one of the original staff members. Working with Dr. Wade at ACAH led to Nancy following her to Broadway Veterinary Clinic, and later becoming her head technician in 2009 at the inception of Specialized Care for Avian and Exotic Pets.

An avid fan of continuing education, Nancy has attended many seminars, conferences and wet labs pertaining to birds and companion animals.

Currently, Nancy is working toward a Veterinary Technician Speciality credentialing (Avian /Exotic)


Kristen S., LVT

Kristen is a native of Amherst NY and graduated with honors from Medaille College with an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology in 2001. She haskristens.JPG worked with Dr. Wade since 2003.

Kristen’s special interests are animal rescue and rabbit medicine, and she has been involved in rabbit rescue with the House Rabbit Society since 1995. The House Rabbit Society is the world’s largest not-for-profit rabbit rescue in the world. She was invited to speak about rabbit health issues at the rescue’s national headquarters in 2010. Kristen also has a special interest in animal shelter medicine, and she worked at the SPCA Serving Erie County NY for 5 years after volunteering there for several years as the official “Bunny Lady.”

Kristen is currently back in school to pursue a bachelor's degree, and if we do get that veterinary school in Buffalo, we could soon have a Dr. Strobel!

Kristen’s free time is taken up by her critters, reading, gardening, and Krav Maga and Muay Thai Kickboxing. She is currently owned by several bossy rabbits, one dog, one cat, and one guinea pig.


Dawn Trainor, Office Manager - Emeritus

Dawn has over twenty years of management experience including self-owneddawn_1.JPG businesses, at ESPN Productions as an operations producer and at Markheim Pets in Amherst NY where she worked as the store manager for five years.

Dawn’s degrees include an AS in Photography from Villa Maria College and a BS in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Holistic Health.

Dawn has had nutrition articles published in national print and web publications.

Her education and interest in human nutrition has since branched into comprehensive research into the field of companion animal nutrition.

Dawn’s small mammal, reptile, fish and companion bird care experience at Markheim Pets and SCAEP, in addition to many continuing education courses, has led to extensive husbandry and exotic animal care research for client education. She is currently working on producing comprehensive avian & exotic care sheets and an animal care & sales training program for the Pet Supplies Plus chain of national stores.

Dawn is a licensed NYS wildlife rehabilitator and regularly volunteers her time at the hospital at Messinger Woods Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help return injured and abandoned animals to the wild.

Dawn joined us April 2009 and will be leaving us August 2014 to marry her sweetheart and hopefully get a job at the St. Louis Zoo. She'll be volunteering at the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, working with raptors and other wildlife.


Jenna Hosken, Veterinary Technician

Jenna recently completed her Associate in Applied Science of Veterinary Technology at Medaille College.  During her time at Medaille she began developing a special interest in exotic pets.  Jenna started focusing her attention further on exotics through internships during her final semester, subsequently graduating in spring 2013 and eagerly setting out to begin her career.

She joined the SCAEP team in May 2013. 

Currently, Jenna has started working towards her credentialing as a Veterinary Technician Specialist of Exotic Companion Animals.  She has one dog and several pet rats, many of them adopted from Medaille’s own LVT program and given a wonderfully spoiled life in their retirement.


Cindy Basinski, Office Manager 

Cindy joined our practice in April 2014 after many years of being one of our top clients. 

Having worked in the telecommunications field for 33 years, Cindy decided it was time for a change to a career working with her passion - people and their pets! Raised on a farm, her earliest memories include cows, pigs and her favorite - chickens! Always wanting to bring something into the house, mom would say, "No. When you have your own house, you can have as many pets as you want!"

Cindy and her husband David now share their home with fifty pets - including parrots, canaries, tortoises, lizards, rabbits, dogs, cats and a chinchilla. There is no spare time for hobbies...her pets are her passion and other people's pets are her career!

Dr. Laura Wade is a Diplomate, ABVP (Avian) certified. What does this mean?

""Diplomate" status is granted by the ABVP under the approval of the American Board of Veterinary Specialties, an official committee of the AVMA. It is intended as a professional and public recognition of advanced knowledge, skills and competency"

"To become certified, veterinarians must be graduates of an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) - accredited veterinary college. (Dr Wade is graduated from Cornell University). They must either complete a 2 year residency or 6 years of clinical practice with the species of interest. (Dr Wade has both). They must substantiate a significant case load, document at least 90 hours of continuing education, obtain 3 letters of recommendation, write 2 case reports and pass a difficult two-day written and practical examination. Residents must also have a manuscript accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal." Re-certification is required every 10 years. Diplomates must re-certify by either re-taking the exam or showing proof of giving back to the community with continuing education by way of lecturing, publishing of medical papers and documentation of educational cases.

ABVP Diplomates have proven knowledge and expertise above and beyond what is required to practice veterinary medicine. Beyond that, they have earned the privilege to specialize in the treatment of one or more categories of animals.